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Kalimpong - Ridge where we play

About Kalimpong

The most laid-back of the eastern Himalayas' three hill stations, Kalimpong is a gentle, sleepy, and much-overlooked town nestled across two beautiful hilltops. An ancient trade port on the old "Horse and Tea Road" from Lhasa, Tibet, the town has seen many influences over the past five hundred years, all of which add to its character. Once part of Sikkim, then Bhutan (which still maintains a seat of government in the town), it was annexed by British India in 1865 following the Anglo-Bhutanese War. In the late 19th century, Scottish missionaries built the many schools and churches that give the town a unique colonial flavour. The region is blessed with wonderful weather, and fertile soil thus paving way for a rich agricultural harvest.

Today the town of Kalimpong radiates with the warm energy of the local folks busy in their everyday humdrum at Damber Chowk and Haat Bazar. Some reclusive towns in the Kalimpong district such as Lolegaon, Pedong, and Lava are pockets of nature’s serenity and abundance. Lava is also a gateway to Kalimpong’s best-kept secret about Himalayan flora and fauna at the Global biodiversity hotspot of Neora Valley National Park. 

More recently it has been a centre of Nepali culture and politics, and a focal point for writers, musicians and artists from the hills.

Kalimpong is a district in North Bengal, India.

General Information -

Population (Town) – 49,403 (2011 Census)

Population (District) – 2,51,642 (2011 Census)

Altitude (Kalimpong Town) – 1250 mts.


Climate -

Summer Max – 27 C, Min – 16 C / Winter Max – 17 C, Min – 5C

Distance from major cities - 
Siliguri – 68 km

Darjeeling – 55 km

Gangtok – 72 km

Bagdogra – 80 km (Nearest Airport)

New Jalpaiguri – 75 km (Nearest Railway station)

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We're located towards the Durpin Hill of Kalimpong amidst many well-known tourist spots, picturesque Bungalows, and unexplored hidden gems. Away from the usual traffic of town, this place is perfect for morning strolls and casual hikes. The neighbourhood boasts of the Historic Bankim Chandra Park ( or Lover's Park) and Kalimpong College. A short and easy walk uphill will lead you to the scenic Golf Course and the legendary Morgan House. Climb a little further to find yourself at the Serene Durpin Monastery. If you're travelling with kids, a Children's Park is also available at a walkable distance. For those looking for an offbeat adventure, a day hike to the hidden gem of Pujay Dara can bless you with a breathtaking view of the Himalayan landscape. 


Explore Kalimpong 



Experience a new aspect of Kalimpong hills every time you visit with our bespoke activities. 


Leisurely Nature Strolls 

The sleepy town of Kalimpong wakes up to a pleasant sunrise that you can witness from Cloud9 itself. Our secluded neighbourhood is perfect for quiet morning strolls around the pathways. Colourful flowers and birds chirping nearby will refresh and delight you. The Eastern Himalayan region is a haven of the rarest flora and fauna. So, nature lovers and bird-watchers may also find a treasured sighting of butterflies and birds around Kalimpong. 


Kalimpong Gastronomy Tour 

The cuisine in Kalimpong offers a diverse mix of Tibetan food, Nepali food, and even colonial remnants such as Swiss cheeses and lollipops. Besides delicious and authentic momo, you can also please your taste buds with the unique street food from Kalimpong such as the Alu-thukpa or Phumbi. One of the best cafe in town CaféKalimpong is 5 min away from our B&B, CafeKalimpong is a rendezvous to enjoy the warm company of friends, freshly brewed strong coffee, good food, and clouds rolling over Himalayan ranges.


Haat Bazaar Shopping 

Kalimpong's bi-weekly local market, Haat Bazaar, is a historic space where vendors have been selling Himalayan ingredients, utilities, and souvenirs for ages. If you're here on Wednesdays or Saturdays, you can shop for Himalayan vegetables, rare medicinal plants, and local ingredients from Kalimpong's cottage industries. All this while refreshing yourself with Kalimpong's rich street food. 


Relaxing Rural Retreats

Around Kalimpong town, the hills enclose villages inhabited by indigenous Himalayan communities. Venture into the peaceful rural landscape and let nature refresh you. A getaway to the villages will also give you a chance to understand the traditional cultural practices and lived realities of the Himalayan people. 


Peaceful Spiritual Escapes 

A short walk uphill from the property will land you at The Zang Dhok Palri Monastery on Durpin Hills. Surrender to the blissful ambiance of this historic Buddhist Gumba, it's the artistically sculpted idols and paintings. Meditate to the rhythm of chanting prayers and the fragrance of pine incense. 


Local Souvenir Hunts 

Kalimpong is a town that was at once at the helm of the Silk Route. A visit to cottage industries here will introduce you to the best local souvenirs you'll not find anywhere else. From handmade noodles to Swiss lollipops, cotton handkerchiefs, and more, there is something to take away for everyone.

Adventurous Uphill Treks

If you've got a knack for some adrenaline, you can try climbing uphill to the Pujay Dara for a daytime hike. The route is pleasant and easy, and the view will be worth cherishing. You can even pack a light lunch for a picnic or even prepare for a full-on camping adventure. 

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