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COMPLEMENTARY BREAKFAST TIMING - 8:30 AM -9: 30 AM (Strict timing) 

CHECK IN - 12 PM  / CHECK OUT - 11 AM 


1. I acknowledge that these rules and code of conduct will be an integral part of my behaviour and an integral part of my contract with Cloud9 B&B. 

2. I/We, the guests, my principals, and accompanying party and visitors, agree to conform to civilised and non-disturbing behaviour to provide other guests with their rest and peace.

3. I/we agree to the use of alcoholic beverages so as not to disturb other guests. 

* I/We agree to drink responsibly, to stay sober, and to acknowledge the right of other guests to peace and harmony.  

  * I/We also acknowledge that the usage of alcoholic beverages can influence my/our behaviour in such a way that it infringes on my safety and the safety of other guests, visitors, and property.  

* I/We hereby waive and irrevocably abandon all rights to claim for any injury, death, loss, or damage of whatever claim against the owner, the proprietor, employees default, their negligence or otherwise, for any injury, death, loss of goods or property which happens while I am under the influence of alcohol.   

*I/We further agree to pay in full for any wilful damages caused while under the influence of alcohol or any other.   

4. I agree with the saving of our natural resources by delicately managing the usage of water, a scarce resource.  I agree to the following:

4.1 To rather opt for a shower than a bath if a shower facility is available – although it is up to my preference

4.2 Reuse towels if they are still clean by hanging them on the rail provided.  If I want them to be replaced, I will leave them on the floor.   

4.3 Not to keep the taps open and unattended.

4.4 Report to the maintenance staff if any device is not functioning properly or if I am facing any issues with its operation. 

5. I agree not to remove any equipment, product, goods, or service items provided for my/our stay, from the room.  These include, but is not limited to, the cushions, bedding, towels, baskets, soap dispensers, information file, equipment, hangers, furnishings, or any other and to report any shortages or equipment not working as soon as noticed.

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